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About the Ride - Midnight Garden Ride

About the Ride

Saddle up with us on this family-friendly, nighttime ride benefiting the Savannah Bicycle Campaign, a non-profit advocacy organization working to build a better Savannah through bicycling. Stick around for the post-ride festivities including a live concert, costume contest, raffle and more!

Prior to the ride please read our Safety Guidelines

Midnight Garden Ride FAQ

What is the Midnight Garden Ride?

The Midnight Garden Ride is a police-escorted bike ride about town where riders can explore the city at Twilight, and enjoy post-ride festivities including a live concert, costume contest, raffle and more!

How far is the ride? How fast does it go?

The ride is approximately 10 miles and goes between 6-8 m.p.h.This ride lasts for an hour, so please make sure they are able to ride actively for that long! If you are unsure that your child could go that far, we recommend riding with them on a tag-a-long or fixed seat.

Wait, it isn't at Midnight?

Midnight is pretty late for kids and a 600-person ride, but it’s pretty perfect for an after party! If we start the ride at 7 p.m., we can swing back to Grayson Stadium and enjoy the after party until Midnight (or thereabouts.)

Do I need a helmet and/or lights?

Yes, all riders need to wear a helmet and use lights for the ride – it’ll keep you safe and visible! If you don’t have a helmet or a set of lights, we will have limited supplies to sell at the Midnight Garden Ride or you can check out one of our generous sponsors — Quality BikeBicycle Link, Savannah on Wheels and Perry Rubber Bike Shop — to purchase your gear.

What happens if it rains?

We ride rain or (star)shine! If the forecast looks iffy, consider bringing a rain jacket. If the forecast calls for a full on hurricane, we’ll make a call about the ride and concert and let everyone know via email, Facebook and Twitter about the ride.

What do the registration fees go to?

The Midnight Garden Ride is a huge undertaking, requiring quite a bit of cash and thousands of man-hours from our volunteers to put on every year. Registration fees help us defray the costs of the concert, beer garden, permitting and police escorts.

If I'm volunteering do I get to ride for free?

While you technically don’t get a free registration for the ride, by volunteering you do get a few perks:

  • A beer token!
  • A guaranteed SBC shirt (although only this year’s MGR shirt if we have extras)
  • An SBC volunteer shirt (if you don’t already have one)
  • You can join the ride for free – as long as it doesn’t conflict with any volunteer duties.

Do I need to be a member of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign?

No, you do not — but we’d certainly love if you chose to become one and support our mission to encourage safe, efficient transportation options in Savannah!

Why did the date change?

We chose to change the date for several reasons, but mostly because Labor Day Weekend in Savannah is pretty packed with events. From the Beer Festival to the Savannah Century to people leaving town for vacation, it’s just not a great weekend to get the most riders! Plus the weather will have cooled off, making it much more pleasant.

Why did the location change?

We chose to change the location this year for several reasons, but mostly because Downtown Savannah is pretty jam packed with events! By relocating to Grayson Stadium we can greater flexibility with the space, offer parking, and are able to put on the best Good and Evil Party yet!

Is there parking?

Yes! Attendees can use all available parking around Grayson Stadium and in Daffin Park. We encourage all attendees to come on their bikes, if at all possible! We will provide racks for bicycles during the Good and Evil Party..

Are there bathrooms?

Yes! The bathrooms in the Stadium will be open and available!

Will you have food or alcohol for sale?

We will have beer and various soft drinks available for purchase, in addition to the standard offerings of the Savannah Bananas!

What sort of music will be played during the ride?

Frolicking fools throughout the ride will play family-friendly and fun tunes, with a cool concert at the end!

What sort of costumes are you looking for in the contest?

What sort of costumes do you have? The contest is all about creativity and fun – so whatever you want to dress up as, we will be thrilled to see. In the past we’ve had pun-based costumes, super heroes, cartoon characters and other people dressing up in outlandish getups. We won’t hedge you into anything in particular so you can let your imagination go crazy! Just make sure your costume is family-friendly — and that you can bike while wearing it!